REVIEW: Bombshells #36

Written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Laura Braga, published by DC Comics

I like 40’s pin up art so this appealed to me. Tragically I don’t like cheesy amateur dramatic dialogue so it stopped appealing to me fairly quickly.The story is supposed to be an epic climax but never reaches the vinegar strokes. I got no feel for the characters, and the dialogue is so dramatic it’s impossible to take seriously. The art is ok. I understand that Braga is aiming to make what are essentially pin ups into super heroines and while she avoids the cheesecake she never cooks up anything more than meat and potatoes, with no gravy. The colouring is flat and the designs for anything other than the costumes are forgettable.

On the whole this was a disappointment. It was my introductory issue to these characters and I found myself simply not caring, which is a shame considering what happens in the issue. I’m frankly astounded this made it to 36 issues. 1 star


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  • I started reading this from the beginning due to the pin up appeal and the writer, Marguerite Bennett, but I ultimately left after print issue 7 because it felt forced and I didn’t care about what happened to the characters. It’s a fun, novel idea, but better left to what they were intended to be: artistic rendering of modern characters. I did like the art though, but I never read it with Braga behind the brush, so I don’t know…

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