REVIEW: Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep #3

Well there’s apparently been an apocalypse in the key of Lovecraft to the tune of Universal. Chuthulu stomps the desolate world and gill men, werewolves and vampires are being mean to everyone. It’s a green, washed horror comic drenched in an atmosphere traditionally found in the Mariana Trench, which is wholly appropriate.

There’s some interesting stuff going on in the story and the plot is balanced well between what it shows and what it needs to tell. There’s no words wasted and the art is strong enough to convey all the meaning required. It’s good to see this level of professional story telling in a such a young company.

Hope this gets collected as I love me some Lovecraft.

Series created by Philip Kim (MONSTER WORLD) and written by Ben Meares (HELLRAISER), with moody artwork by Nat Jones (’68).
Published by American Gothic Press

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