REVIEW: Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” – Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee’s journey on this Earth lasted only 32 years. During his brief life span, he became a prominent martial artist and revered martial arts instructor. He also became the founder of the Jeet Kune Do fighting technique, as well as an international acting sensation, a screenwriter, film director and film producer. He was also a philosopher and poet; a husband and a father. He lived his life to its fullest potential and the legacy he left behind continues to heavily influence numerous cultures around the globe long after his death over a half-century ago.

Darby Pop Publishing and Bruce Lee Entertainment join forces to bring you a new comic book series that’s appropriate for all ages, featuring the re-emergence of the legendary Bruce Lee. Co-written by Jeff Kline and Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises presents a story which poses the following questions: What if Bruce Lee never died? Where has he been since 1973? Why hasn’t he aged? Why does he suffer from amnesia? How will he react to the technology of the modern era? With the help of his old friend Joe Toomey, and teenager’s Wren and Jax, the revived Bruce Lee embarks on an adventure to solve the mystery surrounding his decades-long absence.

The script in this debut issue was not sophisticated at all; however, that doesn’t mean it equates to a terrible plot or horrible story. Panels that contained sensible and obvious humor were plentiful throughout the book, and it also had its fair share of subtle quips geared more towards an older audience. The art put forth by Brandon McKinney definitely had a TV animation feel to it, but it worked well as the main intent of both the script and the artwork was designed to introduce the larger-than-life icon to a younger generation of readers while supplying a fresh and entertaining perspective of Bruce Lee for fans that grew up idolizing him. The fact that Shannon Lee provided her input on this project honoring her father via comic book format, makes this endeavor, much more special.

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Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1
Writers: Shannon Lee and Jeff Kline
Pencils and Inks: Brandon McKinney
Colors: Zac Atkinson
Published by Darby Pop/Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC.

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  • gmoney says:

    doesnt even look like bruce on he cover
    and when read it was done with daughters help i knew as soon as i saw panels it would be bad. might as well call them jackie chans adventures. the art is sub par for a comic, subpar for a tv show today. maybe late 90s early 2k this would have worked, but in 2016 it looks like something a kid did for a project.
    one of the greatest true superhumans of our world and this comic shits on his grave. all the tropes, amnesia (BARF) just set up ex machina out the ass. anything can happen for any reason because of it. no thank you. surprised you gav it the rating you did.

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