REVIEW: Jirni #4

Jirni #4
(W) J. T. Krul (A) V Kenneth Marion
Publisher: ASPEN MLT INC

So I have to admit I had not gotten the chance to read 1-3 but after reading this Issue I will.  At first it seems like any other mystical slaves to be saved book.  But what happens when you add a savior in the mix who is willing to wait to see what is going on before they act is intriguing.  They give you a chance to see what this dark magician of sorts is up too and even give a great look upon our saviors face when she realizes she did in fact wait too long to act.  Bordering on having nudity and covering it up is a great artistic talent I feel.  Making the girls seem nude yet covering it correctly gives it a sense of sexuality and sacrifice.  I wish they had a bit more story in this one issue but like most indie books I am sure the overall arc will be great.  Its art sort of reminded me of “The Darkness” Or “Witch blade” but a lot of books have similarities in their artistic looks nowadays anyhow.

I give this one 4/5 only because I wanted a bit more depth in the issue as in I wish there was more of an opening and conclusion even if it ended in a cliffhanger.  It’s got beautiful visuals and keeps the reader interested otherwise so I will keep up on this to find out what’s in store for the woman who can grow her size and frees those in need!

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