REVIEW: Justice League #14

At first I was a bit irritated, big world ending alien machine Justice League get tanked and they all sit about having a moan…BUT…it all actually pulls together. The post crises Superman in the New 52 universe, paranoid Batman, rookie Lanterns all get to cover some ground that probably should have been covered earlier than issue #14 but it does show an understanding of what’s going on with this “Rebirth” thing and the characters involved.

Hitch’s writing takes a bit of a run up to get used to, but when it takes off it stays in the air for an impressive landing. My only, ever so slight, gripe is that the ending rubs in a specific problem regarding a book like this. Read it see if you agree. That being said it’s not a deal breaker.

Hitch’s art captures the atmosphere of the League’s situation perfectly and the mood of the characters is spot on.

I wasn’t convinced Hitch could write as well as his art, and while there are a couple of pacing issues, two Lanterns means twice the moaning, they get ironed out if you have the patience to read on.

Good stuff, but fourteen issues in? Could have done this sooner!


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