REVIEW: Magpie #1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Magpie # 1 by Andrez Bergen with art by Frantz Kantor. Part of a series of short stories in the magazine Oi Oi Oi. Published by Comicoz.

3D man is man of mystery, or a man of misery since he is colorblind! The poor man cannot get a break he gets beat up by his environment more so than his enemies. After an interview with Wana Jendt (Jana Wendt, ead) on A Current Affair 3D Man is humiliated publicly and is the laughing stock of the general public. With frustration he changes his way, becoming bitter with the outside world and becomes a villain!
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Who is Magpie? From the opening pages you’d think that 3D Man is Magpie which is a shock that he’s not which is genious story telling on Bergen’s part. Although this short story is only 8 pages long it’s heavily detailed, yet not crammy. The art is like watching a pixar film and I’m sorry to say 3D Man looks a lot like Mr Incredible! Although its not a bad thing.

This story is part of Oi Oi Oi # 7, this collaboration will be up for a 2016 Ledger awards (the Eisner Award for Australian talent).
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This is crazy a for Oi Oi Oi # 7, this is the opening tale and is truly worth a look. Do ya’self a favor and check it out!


  • Dodgy Tydeman says:

    Hi Nat, thank you for your comment. Apologies I only stumbled across this now as my email gets bombarded with spam and other useless letters we call ’email junk’.
    I did manage to grab a copy of Oi Oi Oi # 7 from my local Newsagent and hope one day I fly to Japan (which I do, as my wife is Japanese) and ask Andrez to sign it.
    Thank you for the clarification of the publishing as both Al and I are new to Comicoz, for you guys to miss out on a Ledger Award (what are they thinking?) that is a rotten shame. My mother calls me Shane, my friends call me Dodgy in the comic world.

    We at Comic Crusaders treat indie the same way we treat the Big 2.. we treat the work with integrity to the creators, we are honest and no spoilers!!

    Thank you Nat.

    Your Aussie Crusader,


  • Thank you, Shane (Dodgy86)!
    Just a correction or two: Comicoz is the publisher of Oi Oi Oi! wherein appears the wonderful MAGPIE! And, unfortunately, the issue in question (Number #7) doesn’t qualify for the Ledger Awards, as it will appear AFTER the deadline! However, never fear! It WILL be included in NEXT YEAR’s Awards…
    Anyway, pleased you liked the story, Shane (do I call you Shane or Dodgy86?!). There are many stories in that issue that may appeal to many comic book readers, and bowing to recent comments, I am now making single issue purchases available to people seeking to try out OI OI OI! (and all details are on the Store page of the webpage). Especially good news for our overseas Friends!!

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