REVIEW: Manifest Destiny #19: Sasquatch

Written by Chris Dingess, art by Matthew Roberts, published by Image

The first few pages are unreadable due to the cursive handwriting font used to relate what I can only assume is a story about settlers in America. There is a page with a man in the woods who catches a lumbering figure out the corner of his eye and that’s the only reference I found to the Sasquatch in the subtitle. There’s also a scene with a bunch of settlers getting attacked by weird beasties, that seems unrelated to anything else, a hallucination about a conquistador and a heap of cannibalism. I’m pretty sure if I could get passed the headache inducing font it might make more sense.

The art’s really good, adequate disgust as the settlers chow down on their first meat dish in a while, the beasties are beastly and winter looks perishing in pencil colours. Taken individually each scene works well sequentially but with very little to string them together the whole comic is a disjointed mess.

I don’t mind working for my entertainment, see my review of Snowfall #4 for evidence, but when you have break out the Rosetta Stone and Codine tablets the reward is not worth the effort.


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