Black Mask Studios has an impressive slate of titles in the works for this year, and it’s nice to see that the upstart publisher is still pushing the punk envelope. Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller, Occupy Comics) has teamed up with newcomer Amancay Nahuelpan to create Young Terrorists, a sci-fi thriller series that kicks off with explosive style in May with an 84-page graphic novella of a first issue.

With The X-Files set for a return from the dead, Pizzolo jumps in first with the question, “What if The Smoking Man was real and his daughter found out what he did for a living?” The answer is far from pretty, as in this version the daughter, Sera, breaks out of an internment camp and leads a new movement against the shadowy power brokers that her father represents.

It’s an uncomfortably believable conspiracy that Sera is pitted against, a greed- and war-obsessed elite pulling the strings of the proletariat everywhere, and Young Terrorists smartly gives several eyes for the reader to watch through, to see how things unfold from different perspectives.

Key to those perspectives is Infocide — as seen in the trailer — a service provided by a so-called info warrior that channels the spirit of Fox News, but may be more correct than it realizes. Three factions rule the US and beyond, controlling banking, presidents, media, military, drugs, universities and more.

Young Terrorists hits the streets May 27th — are you prepared?


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