Creators: Wes Citti and Tony Wilson
Webcomic Link: AmazingSuperPowers

Summary: Amazing Super Powers is a comedic webcomic strip that is generally built around anti-humor and black comedy. It does not have a over-reaching story-line and employs a variety of characters and situations.

Story: The tiny little strips in Amazing Super Powers are really enjoyable. The comedy is modern and consistently funny, reminding me a bit of Cyanide and Happiness, but with less over-the-top morbidity.

Art: The art in Amazing Super Powers is plenty good enough to convey the comedy. It is executed well, but is nothing breathtaking.

Conclusion:  Amazing Super Powers has a website that is set up well enough and is a great way to kill a few minutes and get a laugh. My main complaint is that there isn’t enough of the fish. If this website were just comics about the goldfish, I’d read them every day.


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