5 Reasons You Need to Buy a New Gaming Chair

Gaming is becoming a major mainstream form of entertainment and exciting things keep happening in the industry. That means many of us spend a lot (and I mean a LOT) of hours with our butts in some sort of seat.

So you may have been tempted at some point to buy a so-called “gaming-chair”. If you’re a PC gamer these chairs basically look like amped-up cubicle chariots. If you’re more a console gamer then you can get more garish items that come with built-in woofers and sit directly on the floor or use a pedestal mount.

Either way, do you really need to have one of these geek thrones? Let’s look at five reasons you might want a gaming chair. After all, the best gaming chairs can really kick your style up a notch.

1.It Really Ties the Room Together

We mustn’t kid ourselves. Gamers like style of substance more often than we’d like to admit. If you’re building the ultimate man- or woman- cave the looks of things make a big difference. Gaming chairs are the only option if you want something that’s going to match your custom gaming computer or awesome retro gaming setup.

2.Built for Comfort

Gaming chairs offer a unique blend of comfort and support. An office chair might support your neck and lower back well, but often they are not very comfortable for long periods of time. Gaming chairs are built for this very purpose and you should get up from them feeling fresh and without muscle pain.

3.Health and Safety

It’s not just about being comfortable, it’s about taking care of your health. If you have a crappy office chair or a squishy couch you may end up with back problems or other health issues related to poor posture.

Not to mention that if you leave your gaming session with sore muscles and fatigue it can negatively affect your sleep, which ultimately messes with everything from work to mental health.

A good gaming chair can keep you in good shape while you slay those dragons.

4.Built to Last

Most gaming chairs are built to take far more punishment than traditional office chairs. Gamers don’t sit quietly as they play. We pitch our bodies, we shift our weight around and really exercise no mechanical sympathy at all.

Gaming chairs are built with this in mind. They are usually made with extra-durable stitching, few plastic failure points and strong steel frames.

5.As You Like It

The last reason that gaming chairs are a good choice comes down to flexibility. Many of these chairs offer more adjustment and modularity than any other sort of furniture. This is important not only to match the chair to your body and preferences, but to adapt it to different types of gaming postures.

Different games call for different stances and positions, only a gaming chair can accommodate them all. If you buy the right one of course.

A Game of Thrones

There are a lot of useless things you can buy that are marketed as being essential to gamers, but the humble gaming chair is not one of them. If you buy the one that’s right for you it can transform the experience into one free from discomfort. It sure beats buying another RGB gadget you don’t need.


Image is Public Domain https://pixabay.com/en/game-video-gaming-controller-hands-1232879/

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