A Chat with THE voice of Wonder Woman, Susan Eisenberg

Following a successful visit to this years San Diego Comic-Con, Comic Crusaders caught up with the wondrous susanSusan Eisenberg, the owner of the  voice for JL & JLU (not forgetting Justice League: Doom) mainstay Wonder Woman.  Susan graciously took time out of her schedule to answer a few questions.

CC: Firstly, thanks for making the time to speak to me.  Let’s start at the beginning. How did the process go for selecting you as Wonder Woman?

SE: The process for casting Wonder Woman for Justice League was fairly typical. I auditioned for the role, and then was lucky enough to get a call-back with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano at Warner Bros. I was very, very nervous because I knew it was a phenomenal part. Several days later, my agent called to tell me the good news, and the rest, as they say, is history. One of the luckiest, best days of my professional life!

CC: What are the best memories of working on JL cartoon show?

wonder1SE: I have many favourite memories from working on the JUSTICE LEAGUE. I loved working with the other League actors and meeting so many incredible guest stars, who appeared on the show over the years. Another great memory was being able to read Diana/WW with Bruce Timm as Bruce/Batman during some of the rehearsals. And one of my favourite and most thrilling memories was from the first year of the series. There was a wrap party to celebrate the end of production on many of the WB shows, and it was held at this huge club in the Valley. There was a live band playing all the themes to the shows, and I can still remember being in that room and hearing the theme music to JUSTICE LEAGUE begin. I got goose bumps, and I felt so giddy and proud to be a part of such an incredible show! Hats off to Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuistion, composers of the opening theme music, which STILL gives me goose bumps!

CC: How was it working with an ensemble cast? Any practical jokers?

SE: Working with an ensemble cast on an animated series is fantastic! If you’re lucky, you’re there together week in and week out, and you develop a camaraderie. We were voicing these iconic, heroic, flawed characters, and we bonded over that. And we all felt exceedingly grateful for the experience because we knew we were lucky to be in that room, working on this show with these extraordinarily talented writers, directors, and producers!

 CC: How did you feel when you won the Behind The Voice Actors Peoples Award for Best Female Actress in a TV special / direct to DVD / TV short for Justice League Doom?

SE: Here’s something funny… I had no idea I had won the BTVA until I read your question. And I thank you for asking it because otherwise, I wouldn’t have known. So now that I know, I feel immensely proud and grateful!

CC: You are more than welcome. Which is your favourite episode, featuring Wonder Woman?

SE: One of my favourite episodes was THIS LITTLE PIGGY, written by Paul Dini, because it had so much humour in it, and it had that adorable scene at the end of the episode where Wonder Woman and Batman are walking together in the Watchtower. I loved those scenes! I also loved THE ONCE AND FUTURE THING, written by the incomparable Dwayne McDuffie, because of its script and epic music score.

wonderbatCC: Who should Win the affection if Wonder Woman, Batman or Superman?

SE: Ha-ha. Well I’ve been asked this question a lot, and I always answer it the same way. Batman. Superman belongs with Lois Lane, always has and always will, AND they’re a great couple. In Justice League, the writers enjoyed playing up the flirtation between Batman and WW, and I must admit, I loved acting it. I thought it absolutely worked for those two characters!

CC: With the current women in comics’ debate, both from a creator and character point of view, why is Wonder Woman still so popular?

SE: Wonder Woman, I believe, will always be popular. She’s has a purity and goodness to her, and also an unfailing sense of Justice that I believe resonates with people, with fans, around the world. She is a strong, fiercely loyal, beautiful superhero, and there is, and will always be, an audience that responds to that.

CC: Have you ever thanked Hera for anything?

SE: Yes, I thanked Hera for helping me get the job of voicing Wonder Woman ; ).

CC: Have you seen the new costume?

SE: Regarding Wonder Woman’s costume in the upcoming BATMAN v SUPERMAN, I’d say that I don’t like it as much as her JUSTICE LEAGUE costume, but then, I’m biased. I know for the fans of Wonder Woman, the costume matters a great deal. And while some prefer the original comic book image of her, or a lighter, brighter costume, I must admit I’m less concerned about the costume (assuming it’s not off the charts outrageous!), and more concerned about the essence of her character being captured in this film.

CC: What is next for you?

SE: There are a few things coming up that I’m very excited about. If there are fans out there of Tim Daly as Superman, I recently shot an episode of THE DALY SHOW with him and his son Sam. It was written and directed by Ben Shelton, and it is so funny and entertaining!! It’ll be available on YouTube, and I’ll tweet the link as soon as it’s finished. Also coming up, I’ll be recording Wonder Woman for the third instalment of the DCUO game AMAZON FURY. The scripts, written by SJ Mueller, have been so good, and I have loved being a part of this project! There is a third thing coming up that I am beyond excited about, but unfortunately, I can’t reveal it just yet. Stayed tuned next week for some big news!

Will do Susan, can’t wait. Thanks  again for your time and good luck with your future projects.

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