A Day In the Life of Stan Lee’s DI Clayton: What We’d Do If We Were Lucky

Imagine you had the power to become your favorite character for a day, what would you do? If you were Superman, would you use your powers for good and try to change the world? What about becoming Astro Boy in an attempt to view the world without a true understanding of human emotions?

We’re pretty sure everyone will have their own ideas of which character they’d like to be, but what about this one: DI Harry Clayton? What, you want me to become a London cop? Well, as you’d expect from anything that comes out of Stan Lee’s mind, Clayton isn’t just any old cop. In fact, thanks to an ancient bracelet, Clayton has been blessed with a power we’d all love to have: luck!

Aside from being described as a cross between The Professionals and a Marvel comic, Lucky Man has impressed TV audiences and, as you’d expect, caused millions of people to dream about their own luck. With this in mind, we’ve decided to run through a few things we’d like to do if we were DI Harry Clayton.

Play the Odds

The obvious answer for anyone that has the ability to control luck is to play the lottery or indulge in some form of gambling. As Clayton, you could easily stroll into a casino and take down the house within a few bets, but that runs the risk of being asked to leave. No, the smart move for Clayton would be to go online and start small. At some online casinos, you can now get some free casino credits when you join, so that’s where we’d start.

So, as Clayton, you could take advantage of a no deposit bonus, like that offered by online casino mFortune, and use the free money to play something like the bespoke slots game Buster Safe. From here you could gradually build up your bankroll without pushing your luck too far. Indeed, much like a good cop never reveals their leads too early, anyone with Clayton’s powers would need to play it cool on the virtual casino floor.

Play the Game of Life (and Death)

After banking a fortune, the next obvious move would be to perform some death-defying feat and become an international hero. For us, the obvious thing to do would be beat Felix Baumgartner’s skydiving stunt.

Of course, we couldn’t just repeat the Red Bull-sponsored feat. No, to really find out how much power over the laws of luck we had, we’d have to go slightly higher than 24 miles and do it without a parachute. Now, at this point we’d have to find some sort of super absorbent crash mat and then hope we’d be lucky enough to land on the precise spot to ensure we didn’t meet our certain doom. But with Clayton’s luck, that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Aside from playing the odds and dicing with death, the only other thing we can think to do is follow in Clayton’s footsteps and use our power for something good. If there was a criminal case that needed investigating, we could turn up, get lucky and solve the case by stumbling upon a chance piece of evidence. After that, we could head home and see out the final few hours of the day before lady luck leaves us alone and we return to a normal, rather luckless, lives.

*Main photo: A Little Luck” (CC BY 2.0) by JD Hancock

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