A Key Archie Cast Member Faces Death in Over The Edge – And Now We Know Who It Might Be

“OVER THE EDGE” begins today in the ongoing ARCHIE series from acclaimed team of writer Mark Waid and artist Pete Woods

The final pages of ARCHIE #20 change everything for the residents of Riverdale – and one of Archie Comics’ most popular characters will face death as the epic OVER THE EDGE storyline heads towards June’s can’t-miss ARCHIE #21.

As revealed in the closing moments of the first chapter of OVER THE EDGE by Mark Waid and Pete Woods, the dangerous street race between Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle crashed into an unexpected bump in the road as Betty Cooper drove towards the two in an attempt to stop them. All three vehicles were sent careening over the edge as the issue leaving the fate of Riverdale’s favorite teenagers hanging in the balance.

Writer Mark Waid promises that OVER THE EDGE will have lasting changes to the series in the months to come and that the effects of the storyline will change the dynamics between the cast.

“The gang will not be the same, I promise. These kids did something stupid, and there are consequences. This isn’t some weird, parallel-world offshoot of the Archie universe–it is the Archie universe, and we have a responsibility to make even the craziest parts of it grounded and realistic.”

Waid also says that while tragedy may strike Riverdale, the overall tone of the book will stay true to its core, merging the classic slapstick humor with modern teenage drama and romance.

“We’ve done a pretty good job so far of juggling comedy and genuine heartbreak, and no matter what grim trials we visit upon these kids, there’s always going to be some moment where Archie ends up with a paint bucket over his head.”

The 3-part OVER THE EDGE event launches today in ARCHIE #20. In June, a life-changing phone call will leave Riverdale’s citizens in shock and readers will discover the fate of their favorite characters in ARCHIE #21. July’s ARCHIE #22 will serve as a heartfelt and emotional coda to the event and set up the cast for the future of the series.

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