A Weekend of Cosplay: Baltimore Comic Con 2016


There’s nothing better than watching Kylo Ren wait on a street corner for the traffic light to change.  Cosplay was on full display this weekend at the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con.  Check out a sample of the amazing costumes that filled the Baltimore Convention Center this year.20160904_10374420160903_14454820160903_144622
20160904_110453 20160903_13462120160903_130054     20160903_103959     20160904_151132     20160904_143322 20160904_134651     20160904_110743 20160904_110530     20160904_110421  20160904_11183520160904_11021520160904_11011020160904_11001520160904_10534320160904_10455420160904_104129

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