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Want to be a contributor? Are you a fan of independent comic books? Do you read comics other than Marvel and DC? Have you ever wanted to be a comic book reviewer and write news articles about your favorite titles and issues? Now is YOUR opportunity! Comic Crusaders is looking for new reporters to write articles and get published. 

We would like to make this known upfront that this is NOT a paying gig. This isn’t a paying gig because Comic Crusaders doesn’t actually make money.  So if we aren’t paying you, what can we offer, you ask??? Since we are doing this for the love of Indies, Small Press & Creator Owned projects, we are looking for other fans like us.  What we can offer you is a chance to get your news articles published if you are looking to build your portfolio, the chance to meet/talk with comic book creators, the chance to read comics before you can buy them in stores, and the possibility to get into conventions for free (press badges). In return, Comic Crusaders will continue to expand and provide our readers more content on up and coming comics.

Are you sold yet?  If so, we want to hear from you. Please send us a sample comic book review so that we can review your writing/review skills and let us know what publisher or titles you’d like to review. We are looking for people that can report weekly as well as monthly. So the amount of publicity you get is completely up to you.

Email us at [email protected] if you’re seriously interested.


ucpComic Crusaders Presents The Undercover Capes Podcast Network. We are hosting a variety of podcast aimed at all comic enthusiasts. We have a DC podcast called The Definitive Crusade, a Marvel one called NO-Prize Podcast, an Indy podcast called Flipside Focus, another program dedicated to the comic verse on the big and small screen called Sloppy Spoilers and we dig in deep with creators in Ouside the Panels and a lot of other shows! If you want to hear some of what we do, you can check out our network of amazing podcasts at www.undercovercapes.com

If you’re a creator interested in showcasing your work on the podcast email us at [email protected]

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Review Policy:

If you would like us to review your work (comic book, graphic novel or other), feel free to contact us, but please review the following guidelines for full details:
  1. Submitting a book for review does not guarantee the book will be reviewed by anyone on staff. We receive a lot of books and as such the reviewers have a right to choose which books to review at their discretion. A submission provides no guarantee or a review.
  2. Upon submitting your book for review, please let us know if it needs to be reviewed in a certain time frame. We will do our best to accommodate any requests, but as stated above, we reserve the right to publish reviews at our discretion.
  3. We will always provide honest reviews based on the merits of the work being reviewed. All our reviews should be taken as constructive criticism whether the review is good or bad and never intended as an attack on a character, creator, book, or publisher.
  4. We believe in fostering a positive environment for our reviewers and comic book fans and as such will not tolerate any comments defaming anyone involved with the site in any way. All reviews are final and as stated above should be taken as constructive criticism of the work itself and nothing else. If you disagree with a review, feel free to contact us via the message box or privately, but we have the right to keep the review posted on the site.
  5. We accept ALL genres of comics! Feel free to submit your book and we’ll do our best to match it with someone who specializes in the same genre as your book.

Now if you understand the review policy and want your book looked at for review, please send an email to: [email protected]

NOTE: We DO NOT PARTICIPATE in COMIC BOOK PAYOLA, meaning, we do NOT accept payments of ANY kind for reviews. If you attempt to pay us for a “good review” we will out you! Do not ask!

Privacy Policy:

  1. If you subscribe to this blog, then my blogging software may require your e-mail address. I will not do anything with this e-mail address other than use it to deliver updates to you about blog posts or comments. I will never provide any third party with your e-mail address, unless required to by law.
  2. If you choose to comment, and include your (real) name and contact information in your comment, that is your call. The e-mail address you provide will always kept private (it is used to verify that you are not – in fact – a spammer). We will never share that e-mail address with any third party, unless required to by law. Any other information – including your name, web page, etc. – is entirely up to you whether you want to include it or not. If you choose to include it, be aware that it will be displayed in the comments. If you’re uncomfortable with that, then don’t include that information (use a pen name or post anonymously).

Comment Policy:

Any opinions expressed by people in their comments are THEIR opinions, and not mine. I take no responsibility for what anybody says in their comments. I encourage comments to be opinionated, thoughtful and respectful. That being said, I do moderate comments. This means that I reserve the right to delete, edit or moderate any and all comments made on this blog. Your comment is more likely to be moderated or deleted if it contains hateful content (based on race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc), is a personal attack or threat toward another commentator, is entirely unrelated to the entry topic, features more than a “fair use” amount of someone else’s copyrighted work, if I deem you are trolling, or for any other reason that I choose. If this policy does not work for you, then don’t comment.

**Some of our reviews/columns may contain graphic language, reader discretion is advised.**

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