Advance Review: 321: Fast Comics Vol. 1

Writers: Felipe Cagno, Marcos Botelho, Marcelo Maiolo, Vitor Cafaggi, Gustavo Borges, Guilherme Bon, Carlos Ruas, Chris Peter, Lobo Limao, Carlos Estefan, Renato Almeida, Rafael De Latorre

Artists: Ig Guara, Paulo Kielwagen, Wilton Santos, Luciano Salles, Felipe Watanabe, Vitor Cafaggi, Gustavo Borges, Romi Carlos, Guilherme Bon, Carlos Ruas, Chris Bolson, Bianca Pinheiro, Rodney Buchemi, Matias Streb, Fabiano Neves, Lobo Limao, Geraldo Borges, Thony Silas, Guilherme Balbi, Mario Cau

Colorists: Ivan Nunes, Mat Lopes, Marcelo Maiolo, Clonerh Kimura, Chris Peter, Adriano Augusto, Zork Marinero, Omar Vinole, Ander Zarate, Teodoro Gonzales, Caio Yo

Published by Timberwolf Entertainment

321: Fast Comics is more than just a consortium of short stories assembled into one comic book – it’s a challenge. 321: Fast Comics presents a concept where various writers and artists compose and depict an impactful 3 page story that focuses on 2 characters with 1 surprise ending.

The mastermind behind the 321: Fast Comics phenomenon is Felipe Cagno. Fantasy became reality for Felipe when he gathered a number of distinguished Brazilian artists and writers, experienced in working with top publishers, to partake in his idea so long as they worked within a 3 page story limit using 2 central characters and supplying a twist at the end. No other restrictions were imposed on the creative teams during this initiative. Thus, this allowed them the freedom to choose from a wide variety of genres to work with while setting up an opportunity to showcase their combined talents. Felipe was eventually recognized and awarded the coveted Best Writer title in Brazil after 321: Fast Comics made its debut there. Now, 321: Fast Comics is looking to make its mark worldwide.

This first edition of 321: Fast Comics contains 21 original short stories with non-established characters. From a writing perspective, composing twenty-one three page short stories is a challenge in itself, especially with characters no one would recognize. It’s truly a high risk/high reward scenario. If you could imagine for just a moment what these writers were up against, you will find yourself appreciating how difficult it must have been for them to develop interesting plots, select relevant genres, establish character presence and personalities, and not to mention, supply an astonishing ending where there really isn’t much room for error. I applaud each and every one of these writers that accepted the 321: Fast Comics challenge.

Call it a bad habit if you must, but sometimes I find myself trying to get a glimpse of the artwork before I read a comic. I tend to do this a lot with independent books I’m not too familiar with. I can’t say that I was disappointed with 321: Fast Comics at all. There really is some incredibly sharp and striking artwork throughout this book and the coloring work for the most part was spot on.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I see a lot of potential with 321: Fast Comics. Inviting more artists and writers to participate in this type of challenge is something I’m sure fans would want to see happen. So, in case you’re wondering, the second edition is already in the works!

Digital copies of 321: Fast Comics are available on Comixology, or you can support this initiative via There’s only a few days left to show your support for 321: Fast Comics! It promises to be the beginning of something truly special. Don’t miss out!

Until next time!

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