Advance Review: Angry Birds #4

Angry Birds #4

Green Rookie
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: David Baldeon
Colors: David Garcia Cruz
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Premise: On Bird Beach, lots of random things tend to wash on it’s shores. This time, cans of colorful spray paint wash in with the tide and the birds have some fun. Then, an idea strikes! Infiltrate enemy lines to retake what rightfully belongs to the birds!

Bidding War
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Cesar Ferioli
Colors By: Digikore Studios
Letters: Rovio Comics

Premise: In the search to draw the perfect picture, everyone in the Bird village wants this awesome masterpiece…including the Pigs! There’s only one fair way to give everyone a shot, time for a bidding auction! However, a turn of events makes an expensive sacrifice totally worthless!

Peak Beak:
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Ivan Portier
Colors By: Digikore Studios
Letters: Rovio Comics

Premise: An older bird gets a little jealous when some of the young birds prefer to go for a hiking trip with someone else instead of him.


This issue of One Shot stories is very vibrant. I’m amazed that so many artists working on different story plots can make the entire issue look so cohesive. Who knew something that started as an addictive cell phone game could grow to be so charming? I wasn’t expecting three different short stories when I opened this comic, and was pleasantly surprised when I did! This comic actually reminds me of the old school cartoons full of shorts like Tom & Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Johnny Bravo. I can definitely foresee Angry Birds joining this line up and bringing back this classic style of cartoons. I appreciate this style of “short story” as a director of a short film festival, having the ability to tell a story without an extended, drawn out plot while still maintaining its entertainment value. And doing that while being appealing to the eye gives this comic extra bonus points. “Angry Birds” is one of those comics that I would definitely give my child to pass along my nerdism for comics while at the same time getting them reading something at their level.


By Tyrone Selby

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