Blood Feud #1
By Cullen Bunn, Drew Moss & Nick Filardi
Letters by Crank Designed by Dylan Todd
Publisher: Oni Press

Let’s judge this book by its cover… It looks very 80’s horror movie poster with a Friday the 13th feel. It’s a strong cover with lovely clean artwork.

Now if you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… In the small town of Spider Creek two family are have a blood feud that’s been raging for longer than anyone can remember. The Whately’s and the Stubbs.

R.F and his pal Cecil are driving and talking about bad omens, Cecil talks about seeing a blue jay on a Friday. With that being the day they head to hell to get their orders. R.F doesn’t buy into omens until they head into town and see a friend with a bucket of “dead” frogs that are hopping about. Later that night at a card game the guys are talking about the weirdness when they hear a girl screaming for help. They head out to help her and she takes them to a man badly beaten in the woods. His name is Seth Stubbs the head of the Stubbs family. It seems the Whatley’s have escalated the feud. R.F heads out for help with big Jack Siever when they come across a bull trapped in wire and help him out when he attacks the two men. They get back ready for the charge when the bull area something’s behind them and runs away. R.F and Jack turn to see the Stubbs children have been turned into hideous vampire creatures. To be continued.

This issue was actually a pretty good build up issue. It felt like the start of a horror movie, it had everything you want from horror. I really enjoyed it. The art is great and for the first time in a long while all the characters were likeable. It’s gonna be sad when we start to lose them one by one. If I’m being honest I have to say it felt a little like the walking dead. Almost like a prequel until the vampires.

The good, the bad and the star rating…
The Good- The writing is interesting and well done. The art is lovely and clean.
The Bad- Vampires have been done to death, pardon the pun. Maybe they will turn out to not be vampires. Even though R.F says the story has lots of vampires.
The Stars- It’s easily a 4 star start to the story. I hope it stays this strong.
it’s very walking deadish, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing.

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