Advance Review: Dark Ark #1

The idea of this new series from AfterShock comics takes on one of the most familiar tales from the Bible and gives it’s a bit of twist.

The creator, having had enough of the evils of man, decides to wash out the world with floods whilst bequeathing the task of rebuilding the world to Noah, his family and the, by now famous, animals that boarded the ark two-by-two.  Not to be undone, the devil tasks Shrae to do the same saving the unnatural beasts from the cleansing wrath of God.

Long time, cross published writer/creator Cullen Bunn crafts a tales that is a picture of darkness upon darkness.  There is a heaviness to proceedings that encapsulates the captivity of the respective arks, which is as much a prison as a giant life raft.  Bunn recognises that the characters need for mutual salvation doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone sees eye to eye or even eyes.  Bunn’s dialogue shows the skills of a writer that has worked on franchise books like X-Men, crafting his skills before taking his show on the road, or at least on the seven seas on this occasion.

Creating a world that is devoid of humanity is artist Juan Doe, who work has graced Marvel and Valiant comics.  To say that Doe’s work encapsulates despair is an understatement.  Doe goes all out in capturing the essence of the demonology on show by taking on board the coloring as well as the interior art.  As a guy who loves when artists ink their own work, Doe’s coloring goes above and beyond in my eyes.  The fact that the books strong look is complimented by Bunn’s writing creates a level of entertainment that belay’s my original assumption of the book being horror on top of horror.

Back when they started, I was a big fan of AfterShock.  Unfortunately, at least for me, after a great start, the books tended to fall in to something of a holding pattern.  As if once that initial pop, editors were happy to not push the envelope as much.  I am glad to say that with Dark Ark, AfterShock is getting back to what they are possibly best known for; great twists on what readers think of as original stories.  In the hands of Bunn and Doe, AfterShock may once again be riding the tide of success.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art & Colors – 5 Stars

Written by; Cullen Bunn
Art & Colors; Juan Doe
Publsihed by; AfterShock Comics

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