Story: Zack & Nick Keller
Art: Joanna Estep
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: July 15, 2015

In a few short weeks, Dark Horse Comics introduces us to a new horror series with Death Head #1. From the minds of Zack & Nick Keller comes a supernatural thriller following a family that draw the pursuit of an ancient evil killer.

Death Head #1 is your common setup issue. The Keller’s deploy 3 separate story lines in this first issue that do not appear to be related now, but are sure to cross paths in future issues. The main story line follows Niles & Justine Burton, a young couple on vacation looking to get away from the daily grind of parenthood. While hiking in the woods, they stumble upon an old village which appears to be long forgotten. Upon inspecting the interior of one of the buildings, they find that the village may not be as abandoned as they thought it was. The second story line introduces us to a rebellious young woman named Maggie, who is unimpressed with the Catholic school she is attending and is rebellious any chance she gets. The third story line follows a young boy nicknamed “Bee” who we find being bullied by classmates and forced to enter an underground sewer system. A mysterious killer of legend is rumored to be living down there. Upon entering the sewer he doesn’t find the killer, but soon finds that he is not alone.

Zack & Nick Keller don’t give you a lot in this first issue of Death Head, but the story that is presented is intriguing enough to warrant further interest. It isn’t openly stated, but clues in the story lead you to believe the two kids we are introduced to in the story are the children of the main characters. This should create interesting plot points moving forward as every character has a unique personality.  Art duties are handled by Joanna Estep with colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick. Estep’s art will be one of the high points of this series if issue #1 is an indication of things to come. The page layouts are simple and easy to follow. Fitzpatrick’s colors only make things better.

Final Verdict: It’s not the most in-depth first issue you will ever read, but Death Head #1 could be the beginning of a great horror story. The creative team has cooked up a cast of interesting characters and a creepy bad guy. If you’re into the horror genre, I recommend giving this one a try.

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