Advance Review: Eternity #1 (of 4)

In many a comic universe, the relationships between super powered people are fraught with all sorts of problems.  I mean you have to be really secure about you relationship when your other half hangs out with a raft of handsome, well-built heroes and sexy half-dressed women.  But the biggest thing that can affect a relationship, from Clark and Lois, Scott and Jean,  Roger and Jessica and of course Reed and Sue, is having a child.  This is the next challenge beset upon Divinity and Myshka.

The universe changing power couple have “retired” to Russia where they are bringing up their child.  But unbeknownst to them, among the Unknown a murderer sets the wheels in motion that drags the pair back to the source of their power.

Matt Kindt returns to his old stomping ground and with three Divinity series under his belt, you would expect him to provide a divine story.  Kindt has an assumption of his own; he expects the reader to know what has gone on before and who is who.  Sure, there is a proxy character who helps gives enough clues as too what has happened, but this story is almost a payoff for all the die-hard Divinity fans.  Kindt’s characters have a level of progression, a level of stability, threatened by actions outside of their control.  Issue one of a series is all setup and Kindt is going to have to pick up the pace to complete the story in four issues.  This may mean that we are given characters and situations that we just have to accept rather than have them explained, however I am sure the Kindt can deliver another great series.

Also along for the ride is Divinity partner and artist Trevor Hairsine whose familiarity with the characters gives the book a visual that is as consistent as the writing.  This will no doubt be a big draw for fans of the previous series.  Hairsine has been compared to Bryan Hitch; where Hitch can seemingly rely on references, Hairsine’s work feels more organic, more natural in the world or even worlds in which the characters inhabit.  This book allows Hairsine to revisit his 2000 AD days, with an alien landscape which in turn gives the art a very British feel, as did the previous books.  Ryan Winn and David Baron also return as inker and colorist respectively, each bringing their “A” game to add to the books overall impact.

Valiant may have taken a page out of the Dark Horse publishing manual, utilising mini series format rather than an ongoing book.  This really works for a book that is looking to deliver a certain type of vibe, where a change in creators could disrupt the quality of the story that is being told.  It also helps generate a level of excitement and anticipation in fans.  After the reality altering heaviness of Stalinverse, it’s refreshing to see Kindt tackle something that is a tad more personal.

Writing – 4 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Written by; Matt Kindt
Art by; Trevor Hairsine with Ryan Winn
Colors by; David Baron
Published by; Valiant Entertainment

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