Advance Review: Hellena #1

Created, Written and Illustrated by Ian Chase Nichols
Color Assistants: Jay Kennedy, Robert Carmona
Published by Fat Cat Funnies

From the mind of Ian Chase Nichols, comes the fantastic and daring tale of Hellena, a sharp-witted and fierce female warrior armed with a haunted axe who is on a quest fueled by vengeance, searching for those who were involved with the implacable atrocities that were carried out against her parents during a ruthless and barbaric time filled with an abundance of greed, corruption and wickedness.

Hellena was just a babe when her parents were savagely murdered at the hands of a ruthless warlord named Mauvias and his band of blood-thirsty soldiers. Ultimately, Mauvias decided to let Hellena live. However, as an insult to the infant and her family, he decreed that the child be sold into slavery. The gods had different plans in store for Hellena. She avoided a life of servitude and instead was brought to a royal family where she was cared for and kept safe. Hellena learned the ways of the warrior and became a formidable opponent for anyone who dared to stand in her way.

Right off the axe, I mean bat, Hellena is a character that shows a tremendous amount of promise. Her personality alone ranges from sweet, caring and loving, to cold, calculated and unforgiving. She’s virtually unpredictable, and her wide array of behavioral traits, coupled with her lethal combat skills, will appeal to mature readers who thirst for a high octane adventure set in a mythological environment.

As I have mentioned before when it comes to independent titles, I have a tendency to skim through the pages first to see if the overall artwork is appealing. With Hellena #1, it is. The artwork by Ian Nichols in this issue was impressive and there were plenty of panels where Hellena’s piercing eyes will leave you mesmerized. His vision for what Hellena was intended to be was executed to perfection in my opinion. His plot for this issue was thorough as well, setting up what was to be an exceptional origin story for Hellena. This book also features an interesting short story written and drawn by Nate Lovett along with Hellena pinups by Rich Buckler (creator of Marvel’s Deathlok), Darryl Banks (co-creator of DC’s Kyle Rayner Green Lantern) and former Marvel, DC and Valiant penciller, Joe St. Pierre, founder of Astronaut Ink.

Hellena #1 will debut at this weekend’s Boston Comic Con and will be distributed throughout the New England area with a print-on-demand for anyone outside of the region. It will also be available on Comixology in the near future. Visit for more info.

Until next time Crusaders!

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