Advance Review: Knights of the Golden Sun

Religion, no matter what flavour, whether you love it or hate, has always been a stomping ground for the genesis of new stories and ideas.  No sooner does someone say “hey, lets throw the pantheon of Greek gods into a Wonder Woman book”, before we had a range of books featuring all manner of denizens from Heaven and Hell.  Stepping into the fray is Mad Cave Studios, with their interpretation on a number of Biblical and historical events.

We all know the story of how Lucifer fell from grace, David and Goliath, the birth of Jesus and the fall of Macedonia.  Under the guidance of Mad Cave CEO Mark London, we get the idea that these events were all smaller battles in the ever-increasing war between good and evil.  When God himself takes a sabbatical, the archangels find their number falling one by one until only a few remain.  London may take his beats from alternative sources, yet he aims to weave these events into a cause and effect storyline.  For the most part he succeeds with an intelligent monologue that carries the reader along without the need for an over abundance of religious knowledge.  All the archetypes are in here, the frail morality of David, the true to the ause champion and his evil mirror all the way to seductress women and the those that have doubts leaving them teetering on the edge.

Mauricio Villarreal provides the art and the colors for the book.  Villarreal seems to be going for the epic, the grandiose which I can understand he may feel that this book needs, being as it deals with God and his kin. Yet the book also has nuances, especially when the focus is on the humans that the archangels are trying so hard to protect.  Villarreal may well be great at drawing and painting the standard great physiques of heroes, but some development is required.  The pacing of the book works well, in part due to the panel structure which builds to a number of crescendo’s, epitomised by hulking physiques.  By providing the colors Villarreal gives us more of a complete picture of what he intended without the nuisance of having a third-party dilute his vision.  On the whole, the book look great and possess a certain charm.

Not being a big fan of “Gods and Monsters” – they are my least favourite bit about Wonder Woman comics; I was a tad wary  picking this book up.  As such, I happy to say, that despite my original reservations this issue is, all in all, a decent little introduction for a book that has the potential to be a fun little romp.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art Inc Colors – 3.5 Stars

Written by; Mark London
Art by; Mauricio Villarreal
Published by; Mad Cave Studios

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