ADVANCE REVIEW: Mermin Book Four: Into Atlantis

Mermin Book Four: Into Atlantis
Written and Illustrated by Joey Weiser
Coloured by Joey Weiser and Michele Chidester
Publisher: Oni Press
In Stores on 9/23/2015

Let’s judge this book by its cover… It’s very cartoony. Bright and simple. Not really much to say it’s very child friendly.

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin…

Chapter One: Bird mountain campground and the park ranger is informing parents that there children are missing, the only witnesses are two young boys who tell them that all went to an undersea kingdom. Under the sea in the kingdom of Mer the king is furious that one of his guests from the surface was captured by the Atlantians. Still sore from the loss of his elder son Omer he declares war on Atlantis. His younger son Mermin must begin training immediately to get ready to fight at his side.

Chapter Two: In the city of Atlantis Pete has been mistaken for an Atlantian child and as such “saved” from the evils of Mer. Pete’s pleads of being from the surface fall on deaf ears as he is taken to a home for misplaced children, there he meets Alexis a young girl that doesn’t hate Mer’s like the other children.

Chapter Three: Petes friends Penny and Toby set out to save there friend and stop the war before being stopped by Claire the camp leader. Meanwhile Randy another of Petes friend has wondered off to explore the Mer palace. Merma follows him and sees him touch, eat and go places he shouldn’t. Searching the armoury the pair find themselves locked in a locker by guards not knowing they were hiding. Claire decides to go with penny and Toby to save Pete but are not allowed to leave Mer by the massive whale guard Mak.

Chapter Four: Pete is awoken by Alexis sneaking out at night to explore the city. He asks to join her and she takes him through the streets and down under the city almost being caught by some guard. Under the city she tell him she is going to the prison to meet the prisoners.

Chapter Five: Mermin is still learning how to use his powers when his father arrives and tells him they head out that night. Randy and Merma still trapped in the locker when it is picked up and taken to the groups for them to armour up. Pete tells Alexis that he is from the surface and she tells him the prisoners are escaping a d they might take him with them if they ask their leader. Back on land the parents of the kissing children hire a captain and his submarine to find the kids. When randy and Merma arrive at the troops and manage to get out and see Claire, penny and toby sneaking into the army in uniforms. Alexis takes Pete to the prison again to meet their leader and ask for her. The mysterious robed leader take his hood off to reveal he is none other than the Mer Kings oldest son Omer. To be continued.

This was a fun little book. Very inoffensive. It wasn’t as funny as maybe it could have been. A couple of little chucked here and there. The chapters are very short so you never get bored, However for a TPB it feels not only too short but it’s not a whole story. It’s very much a younger persons book, not much for the older reader.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The good – It’s simple and it’s easy to read. A great book to read to your children.
The bad – It’s not as fun as it looks. Needs to be funnier.
The stars – The playful art and the fun characters makes this a 3 star book.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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