ADVANCE REVIEW: Mystery Girl #1

Story: Paul Tobin
Art: Alberto Alburquerque
Colors: Marissa Louise
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: December 2, 2015
Cover Price: $3.99

Next month will see the release of a new series from Dark Horse Comics, Mystery Girl #1. From the creative team of Paul Tobin and Alberto Alburquerque, Mystery Girl tells the story of a young lady named Trine who has the ability to solve any mystery a person may have just by speaking with them.

Trine fully embraces her gift, and makes the most of it by starting a sidewalk detective agency. As the issue opens, we find our main character setting up shop for the day as neighborhood friends and old clients greet her good morning. Throughout the day, people bring Trine their mysteries, and she solves them on the spot. One day after setting up shop, Trine is approached by a young lady who tells her about an amazing scientific discovery in Siberia, but needs her help locating the exact location. Trine agrees to tell her of the location she is in search of, but as payment requests to accompany her on the expedition. The remaining pages are spent getting introduced and better acquainted with the people in Trine’s life. The creative team does introduce us to what appears to be the story’s villain, but we don’t get much from the bad guy in issue #1.

Mystery Girl #1 is a good introductory issue. Writer Paul Tobin presents readers with a basic concept, a main character, a little backstory and the beginnings of the adventure all in the first issue. None of it is super in-depth, but it does the job of setting up a potentially cool series. My interest in Alberto Alburquerque’s art changed from panel to panel, but overall was good enough for me to want to continue reading.

Final Verdict: Mystery Girl #1 looks like a fun new series. Let’s hope the story Tobin and Alburquerque have in mind is interesting, and they continue to build on the character they are introducing.

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