When their father moves the Darling family to L.A for his job as district attorney to help put a stop to the rash of teen deaths caused by a new drug known as “pixie dust” ,Wendy,  catches the eye of a young musician named Peter, Peter is the lead singer of the Lost Boys and creator of the Neverland pop up club where most of the teens have been getting the killer drug from  a character named Hook. Is it simply a case of over dosing on the hip new drug or does Hook have something a lot more sinister up his sleeve?

Its Peter Pan in the real world with sex, drugs and yes indeed Rock n’ Roll. We get all the characters we know and love, Tink, Tiger And Smee all make appearances throughout this issue with the main focus being on of course Peter, Wendy and Hook. Hook and Peter are far from friends as Peter suspects Hook of being the one that is killing these teens. The character concept for Hook is brilliant, being the leader of the gang known as the Pirates and a sexy tattoo artist / drug dealer while Peter is a sexed up skateboarder slash singer.

The art is outstanding I would even go as far as to say flawless. The story is interesting, a somewhat murder mystery and is fast paced for a first issue while still taking the time to introduce all the players, this is a four issue mini series so the story will be compact and quick. 451 has yet to release a title I’ve not loved, if you’ve not checked out their other titles Humbug and Self Storage they are fantastic! This gets a solid 4 stars.

Publisher: 451 MEDIA GROUP
(W) Dylan Mulick, Stephanie Salyers (A/CA) Leila Leiz
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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Welcome to NVRLND, where you’re either flying or falling…

451 Media Group is proud to present the original music video accompaniment to the launch of Dylan Mulick and Stephanie Salyers’s exciting new graphic novel, NVRLND. NVRLND is an edgy reimagining of the Peter Pan myth set in modern Hollywood. In this telling, Peter Pan is the lead singer of rock band The Lost Boys, who play at a secret underground club called NVRLND. Wendy Darling, the new girl in school, naturally falls for the brooding, bad boy rocker. But in this heightened reality, kids are falling victim to a club drug called “pixie dust” being pedaled by tattooed, biker nemesis James Hook, which makes them feel like they can fly. In this clip we are introduced to the key players, and we also get a sneak peak into the turf war that has been raging on the East Side of Los Angeles between Peter and Hook. To get your next taste of the magic pick up a copy of NVRLND #1, available now, wherever comic books are sold!

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