ADVANCE REVIEW: Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #2

Story: Tyler James & John Lees
Art: Alex Cormack
Colors: Jules Rivera
Publisher: ComixTribe
Release Date: September 23, 2015

Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #2 picks up right where the first issue left off. After a brief recap of previous activities, we find our villain back at his old tricks. This time, Oxymoron has enlisted a controversial TV reporter to help him carry out his elaborately planned murders. After the events that concluded the last issue, Mary Clark has been promoted back to her old position of Detective. While investigating a recent movie theater massacre orchestrated by the Oxymoron, Detective Clark learns that TV reporter Krystal Gaines was actually on the scene before the first detectives arrived. Suspecting Gaines knew about the murder before any calls were made, Clark brings the reporter in for questioning. Elsewhere, Oxymoron engages a local crime boss as part of his next plot. Through the rest of the issue, the writers provide a little more insight into the personal lives of some of the characters, and we see how Oxymoron’s conflict with the crime boss plays out. As the issue ends, Gaines arranges to meet Detective Clark out in public promising information on Oxymoron. James and Lees provide a “smashing” ending that draws Mary Clark even deeper into the serial killers plot.

James & Lees continue to layout a story that is engaging and fun to read. The crimes are well thought out for the most part, although I must admit the movie theater massacre plot I found slightly weaker than the others we have seen so far. Alex Cormack continues to deliver high quality artwork and is really the driving factor in how fun this book is to read each month. I can’t go without mentioning Jules Rivera color contributions. Make no mistakes about it…This book is violent. Rivera’s colors really drive home how graphic some of the actions in the story are.

Final Verdict: The creative team is firing on all cylinders, and Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #2 is a strong follow up to the terrific first issue they released. Never more have I wanted the bad guy to win, and I fully expect there are plenty of surprises to come before this one is over. Add this one to the collection.



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