The Paybacks #2
Donny Cates (W), Eliot Rahal (W), Geoff Shaw (A), Lauren Affe (C)
On sale October 21

What is the world coming to?  In this second issue of Paybacks from Dark Horse comics, even the superheroes have debt problems which are more substantial than Peter Parker being late on his rent.  The books premise is quite simple; what to do when a superhero fails to pays his creditors.  It’s quite a fair question, not everyone is a mega rich Wayne or Stark.    In todays easy come, easy go, easy renegotiable world of personal finance, how do heroes manage to pay their way?

It seems that when the hero Battery died, he still had quite a large amount owing.  As such, Mr Pierce the mysterious benefactor of a number of heroes (and villains) ,calls on the secret base, The Kraken, to reclaim his funds.  In residence on the base however, is High Guard who is possibly the most powerful being in the universe.

Written by Buzzkill author Donny Cates, and Eliot Rahal this book is a somewhat  irreverent look at how hero conduct themselves in a real world setting.  Whilst not delivering on true “laugh out loud” moments, the script produces some clever moments that made me smile.paybacks  For example, the Miss Adventure comment was the type of double entendre that you may miss at first glance.  Along the way, the writers gets to imply Mr Pierce’s greater impact on various worlds in a great warehouse panel. However the writing dynamic works, it’s clear that Cates and Rahal are having fun with their book.

Along for the ride, is Cates’ Buzzkill partner in crime, Geoff Shaw who puts in strong effort.  With the overall look and feel of the book, Shaw’s style, which is not overly superhero based, works really well.  The strength of the art is primarily the panel layout which allows Shaw to demonstrate a fantastic attention to detail.  The inks in the book remind me a little of Bill Sienkiewicz style, although there are a lighter in texture.

Normally, I like my comics straight up, so I didn’t really know what to expect from this book.  Dark Horse have a reputation of producing quality books and this is no exception.  If I had a concern, it would be what comes next, after the punchline in the story, as can happen in certain comedy films.



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