Advance Review: Plants vs Zombies: Bully For You #1

Plants vs Zombies Bully For You #1
Written by Paul Tobin
Art by Ron Chan, Dustin Nguyen
Colors by Matt J. Rainwater
Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Citizens of Neighborville…beware! The dastardly Dr. Zomboss is attempting to devise a devious plan that dares to deliver doom and destruction directly to your doorstep! The wacky world of the popular PopCap tower defense video game, Plants vs Zombies, is set to grace the pages of Dark Horse Comics with a new limited series beginning next month.

Eleven year old adventurers, Nate Timely and Patrice Blazing, gather their trusty plants and prepare to confront the fiendish Zomboss before his ambitious quest for world domination results in him living out his dream of having an endless supply of brains to feast on (this guy took eating smarter to another level, that’s for sure). However, Nate and Patrice are not alone in their contempt for Zomboss, as victims of his devilish pranks from his treasured college years come forward to stand against the would-be-conqueror.

Writer Paul Tobin presents a clever script, appropriate for all reading ages, that is loaded with good sensible humor in almost every panel. Although the sound of a loony evil doctor sounds rather cliché, I was impressed by the dialogue he supplied for the book’s main villain, Zomboss, which was simply remarkable. The art by Ron Chan reinforces the hilarity of this story. His greatest strength with this issue lies with the priceless facial expressions each character possessed. The coloring by Matt J. Rainwater was spot on and enjoyable.

In all honesty, I rarely pick up a comic book that is adapted from a movie and even less so from a video game. For one reason or another, I just don’t find them all that appealing, but when I do pick up such a book, more often than not, I end up very disappointed. However, I’m glad to say that Plant vs Zombies: Bully For You was an exception. This witty comedic tale with delightful art and rich colors definitely does justice for what started out as a tower defense game. Impressive.

Plants vs Zombies: Bull For You #1 is scheduled to arrive at your local comic book shop on June 17th!

You know how to set a reminder on your smart phone, right Dave?


Until next time!

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