Aaron Lopresti (W), Aaron Lopresti (A), Aaron Lopresti (C), Publisher: Dark Horse Comics, Release Date: 09/23/2015

Power3, read as Power Cubed, is one of those books that aims to deliver the funny.  Where it differs from it’s contemporaries is that it actually delivers what it aims to, albeit  for the most part.

Now stop me if you’ve heard this before; there is an evil Nazi who lives in a castle, talking to a disembodied brain.  He sends to goons to capture a device that is a matter re-interpreter that will help create a body for the brain.  Unfortunately the device is in the possession of an absent minded professor type who wants to give the device to his son, when the goons crash his 18th birthday party! Such fun!

Seriously, even though there are a number of characters you will have seen before, from mad scientists,  estranged powercubedfather and son, cute “I believe in you” girlfriend and Jiminy Crickett, like a re-interpreted meal used from common ingredients, the result is a tasty little concoction.  This is all due to Aaron Lopresti, pulling double duty on words and pictures.  The script is cheerfully familiar but in way that helps create a level of familiarity before the punchline comes in.  The art is all clean lines working well in every panel, both in the conversational and action moments.

The story moves at a quick pace, I would assume to stop the reader getting bored with some of the more common plot points.  It also means that any exposition is done in bulk, which is fine for a first issue, but over time, I  think I would prefer my information to be given a piece at a time.  Still, that is only a minor quibble for a book that had me smiling from pretty much the get go and whilst I appreciate that we all like different types of humour, as least we now know where henchmen come from.

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