Advance Review: Robotech #1

In 1985, a fresh-faced, thirteen-year-old version of myself was introduced to two things that would shape the direction of my future; punk rock music, and Robotech. The allure of the Skull Squadron and their battle with alien invaders was incentive enough to wake an hour earlier than needed, turn on my 10” black and white TV, adjust the rabbit ears, and absorb the greatness that was presented each weekday morning.

The heroes of my youth are being reintroduced in glorious fashion with the new ongoing Robotech series by Titan Comics. This creative team of Brian Wood (Script) and Marco Turini (Art) have given lifelong fans a work to relish, as well as a perfect introduction for anyone who has yet to join the Robotech army. Welcome to one of the greatest series of all time.

Issue one, brings readers to Macross Island to witness the crash of a massive alien craft. Humanity gains much from the technology found within the wreckage of the spacecraft, and creates the Robotech defense force. Ten years after the original event, this defense force is called to action to ward off threats from above when a fleet of otherworldly ships arrives to lay waste to our planet. Welcome to The Macross Saga. This is a fresh introduction to the story which the mid 80’s television series was based upon. It does not come across as a tribute, but simply uses the original source material to lay the groundwork for the new series. Taking this approach is a masterful way to make sure fans, new and old alike can be on the same page with discussing the material.

Artistically, the team of Marco Turini and Marco Lesco (colors) bring us a cast who are immediately recognizable, and modernized at the same time. I was especially impressed with the deeply rich use of color by Lesco. He has found a way to add something to the story I never realized was missing. Focusing on the initial alien invasion, page 11 of this issue, with the bombardment from unknown forces, is a masterful work of art. The contrasting background of space against the attacking fleet as they launch their fighting force to the surface of Earth stands out to me as one of the nicest pages I’ve seen in a while.

All fans of Robotech owe this creative team a debt of gratitude. We’re given an opportunity to remember how the series made us feel when we were first introduced to it, but they’ve also found a way to keep it fresh. As the story continues to develop in future issues, they promise it will have some new twists and turns. I’m excited to watch this unfold. Welcome back old friend, I’ve missed you so.

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Marco Turini
​Publisher: Titan Comics​
FC • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale July 26, 2017
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