ADVANCE REVIEW: The Doorman #2

Ever been on a fairground ride that went a little bit too fast for you? How did the world feel when you got off the ride?  That’s exactly who I felt reading this book from the Heavy Metal stable.

So, every populated world has a Door.  Each Door has a Porter who guides visitors from world to world.  Now it seems, someone is out to kill all the Doormen in the universe for some nefarious reason or another.  In steps, possibly the last Doorman and a detective who sees conspiracy but doesn’t question authority to try to save everything, either by good luck or good management.

Written by Eliot Rahal and Daniel Kibblesmith the book feels like I just stepped of that ride.  This is the second issue, but I have to say, I don’t think reading the first issues would’ve helped any.  The two main protagonists come across well, each have a level of naivety which allows the reader to accept them as it as if they are just as confused by events as we are.  The dialogue is sharp with a sort of situational humour, brought on by beliefs being destroyed.

The art by Kendall Goode isn’t my cup of tea. Goode’s work is reminiscent of 2000A.D from back in the day and its the kind of work that would send my younger self screaming for a superhero book.  Despite my own personal feelings, Goode structures his pages well, which acts as a contrast to all the crazy that is happening. Goode’s style may look simplified in places, but don’t let that distract you from the overall storytelling skills on show.  Goode also provides colors, along with David B. Cooper on flat colors.  The result works well enough adding to the simplicity of the art style.

At first glance, I wasn’t that impressed by the book.  At all.  However, looking at the book again I can see that behind all the chaos there is quite a fertile and fun world in there.  I am pretty sure that fans of the more  fun episodes of Doctor Who would get a kick out of this type of book.  All you got to do  to find out, is open the Door.

(W) Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith (A/CA) Kendall Goode
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