ADVANCE REVIEW: The Paybacks #1

Written by Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal
Art by Geoff Shaw
Colors by Lauren Affe
Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

With great power, comes…financial responsibility? You bet it does.

Let’s face it folks…no matter how noble the intention or how righteous the cause, being a superhero who makes a positive difference in the world comes at a steep price. Not every would-be hero is born with a silver spoon in their mouth or inherits several sizable bank accounts that are infinitely funded by the family’s global enterprise. Not every would-be hero is fortunate enough to stumble across the remnants of superior technological devices that once belonged to an advanced alien civilization that visited Earth countless millennia ago. Someone who desperately wants to fight crime simply can’t afford to wait around for that one magical day where an unexplained chemical reaction grants them superhuman abilities beyond their wildest dreams.

What is a would-be superhero ever supposed to do? Answer: Get approved for a loan.

With ample finances provided up front by the mysterious Mr. Pierce, the path towards becoming a legendary hero is made possible. Purchasing the right tools for the trade is suddenly made a whole lot easier. There’s just one catch with this investment. If the recipient of the loan falls behind on their payments or simply fails to pay, that hero could then expect a visit from Mr. Pierce’s super-repo team, The Paybacks. The Paybacks are an assortment of misfit superhumans that will go above and beyond to collect on any outstanding debts.

Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal excelled at presenting a vibrant satirical script of the superhero genre that simply belongs in a class of its own. Geoff Shaw’s artwork was instrumental in ensuring that each of the characters could be taken both seriously and funny, especially when the dialogue called for it. The viewpoint for the reader and character placement throughout most of the panels in this issue were impressive; however, it would appear at times that the background art seemed unfinished, while in other panels it was mostly detailed and/or completed. Lauren Affe’s coloring job throughout the issue was superb. The well-balanced tone certainly amplified each of the panels.

Overall, the pleasant mix of subtle and obvious humor played extremely well within the story, especially when dealing the silent enemy of most superheroes – lack of funds.

The first issue of The Paybacks is expected to hit the stands on September, 16th! Don’t be late!

Until next time Crusaders!

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