ADVANCE REVIEW: Tomorrows #1

Writer: Curt Pires
Artist: Jason Copland
Colorist: Adam Metcalfe
Lettering: Colin Bell
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Tomorrows is the story of a group of vigilante terrorists –after which the comic is named –that are rebelling against the totalitarian reign of the Corporation. Art is illegal. The bad guys feed the public everything they want them to hear, see, or buy. On top of that, there’s a nasty new tool in the works that could give the Corporation an even more personal and absolute form of control. The Tomorrows are the last line of defense.

Tomorrows’ premise is somewhat heavy handed. Making “art” illegal is no easy feat, since even a cheeseburger advertisement can be considered art. The main villain himself even seems to be somewhat partial to art, while also being somewhat partial to sociopathic hedonism. The characters are, at least initially, fairly two-dimensional and tropeish. Do not misunderstand; everything presented is solid, but not terribly original or inspiring –though that can easily change with subsequent installments.

The art in Tomorrows is appropriately gorgeous. It balances color and grime, realism and impression, to an ideal degree considering its subject matter. Interestingly enough, the artist for Tomorrows is different with each issue, giving different people the chance to show off their work over the course of the series. I can only hope the subsequent artists can continue this degree of quality.

All in all, Tomorrows excels in the artistic department, and I can’t help but feel that was the intention. The story is strong enough to provide the artists with an exhibition ground, but not much stronger than that in this first issue. Hopefully, the story will see more character development as time goes on. I’m not sure that I’d go out of my way to recommend it, but I certainly wouldn’t say anything negative about it either. It is a title that I will keep an eye on.

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