Two Brothers Advance Preview
By Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Not much going on. One half of each of the twin brothers faces making up one whole face. It gives nothing away. It’s very basic and plain.

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… Well this was not what I was expecting from the cartoonish cover I was hoping for something light and playful, what I actually got was the story of a very dysfunctional family that split up their twin boys for years and then wonder why, after being reunited they don’t get along. This book starts off with 10 pages of silence and I thought the whole book was going to stay that way. Sadly it didn’t. The boys hate each other and that’s okay, I hate them too. One goes so far as to permanently scar his brothers face. They steal each other’s girlfriends, not in the we’re twins let’s share way. Just the I hate your guts way. The father chains one of them to the floor for having sex on the sofa. Little harsh? Maybe, but who cares. It’s set right before, during and just after World War II. Not that that matters to the story much.

It’s full of badly drawn sex, boobs for the lads and penis for the ladies, violence and what I can only assume are meant to be emotional scenes that lose all impact with the lack of detail on the faces. It feels Very clear that it had been a book first than a graphic novel. It’s hard to like anyone in this book. The art is hard to look at. The lack of colour does it no favours. I don’t need bright colours or shinny things, I don’t need jokes or action packed panels. I just need an interesting story and art that represents that story. If that’s me being too picky, then so be it.

This ones not for me though I’m sure it’ll have a fan base out there. For me it’s only a 1 star book.

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