ADVANCE REVIEW: Weaselmeizters #2

By Brentt Harshman, Kamil Boettcher
Publisher: Coast Comics

Picking up where the last issue left off our intrepid crew of rouges are in a jam, kidnapped by Vorneimal can they mount a daring escape or will they face the very real prospect of being sold into slavery?

Harshman gives this series a lot of heart with his snappy dialogue from beginning to end, giving each of his characters distinct personalities much in same vein as the ninja turtles for example. Whilst not focusing on deep character moments what he gives the reader is fun space adventure with a group of characters that are engaging, violent and downright fun. Yes you need to suspend your disbelief going into this book but, anything involving 3 intergalactic space weasel bounty hunters this was always going to be the case, look at the success of other anthropomorphic rodents over the last year as long as the book is fun, what the characters are shouldn’t difference to a reader at all. The issue that I found with the book were the pop culture references in a galaxy such as this seem very out of place, having these characters reference things such as the WWE was the one thing that actually took me out of the experience as they seemed to be forced in to create mirth instead of allowing the characters to tell their own jokes or be snarky in context of this universe that Harshman is building.

Boettcher’s art whilst sketchy and scratchy may put some people off actually fits the world really well giving this sci fi universe a very lived in feel. Everything is dirty and grimy befitting the theme as most of this issue is set on one of the universe’s most deadly criminals, it makes sense that this would not be the most cared for ship. The one thing that this style affords is that each scene has a great sense of movement which really makes the action scenes pop out of the page and stand out as some of the most memorable moments in the issue.

Overall this book is a great amount of fun, whilst it doesn’t have a deep profound message it delivers fun in spades. Allowing the reader to sit back and relax with a group of loveable rouges blundering their way through the galaxy taking down one mark at a time.

You can purchase a copy here

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