Advance Review: World of Animosity

In my house, every now and again we have a conversation about the show Game of Thrones.  You see, my household is probably one of the few remaining households that doesn’t watch the show.  Yet we get bombarded by our respective workplaces about how epic the story is; how awesome Jon Snow (the character, although the UK-based newsreader is pretty cool too) is.  Oh and don’t forget about all the sex!  So by the end of our conversation, we think “yeah, we will give it a go.”  Then, when looking for the show we realize its 7 seasons long!

Using the same principle of time having an impact on the ability to get into a series, AfterShock have put together this little one-shot, World of Animosity, to help new readers catch up to the publishers regular Animosity series. I have to say, it’s a great idea!

The one shot is well put together, with things that will interest new and existing readers.  For example, for the newbies  we get a run down of the main characters, with a snapshot about their lives and in some cases their poignant hopes and dreams. For the existing fans, we get a breakdown of how the world looks, after the Wake.  I just hope that people know that there is more to the UK than just London!

The series’ features the work of Marguerite Bennett, Rafael De LaTorre and Juan Doe, the latter who is killing it on Dark Ark, telling various stories across a world in which the animals wake up and got about changing the world and for some, their place in it.  The book is kind of like a mish mash of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the Disney movie The Incredible Journey, with a story and resonance that is far more engaging than “animals can think” show the Zoo.

The quality of the work is what you would expect from AfterShock and is available from all good virtual an actual comics shops on 20th September.

(W) Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Roberto De La Torre
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