The Ether is a magical realm that houses all manner of fantastical and magical creatures. It is the meeting place of imagination and wonder. The sad part is that you have to be suicidal to get there from Earth. You have to be willing to die to enter the Ether.

Meet our main character, Boone Diaz, a man who has visited the Ether over a thousand times! He has become a bit of a legend in the Ether, the genius-level intellect that you seek out when something goes wrong that magic can’t explain, because unlike every being in the Ether; Boone doesn’t believe in magic … he is a man of science. With a keen eye for observation and detail; making him the magical Sherlock Holmes. (A suicidal Sherlock Holmes)

Boone is still on the case of who shot and killed the city’s protector; the Blaze. The Blaze was a female warrior that fought off evil magic from over running the Ether. Beloved by all, this beauty was the champion of the beaten and down trodden. Now she is dead thanks to a foe that used a living bullet. Boone and his companion Glum, a talking ape creature, are now hot on the trail of who could afford such a rare bullet.

With the reveal that Boone needs to be willing to die to enter the Ether adds an element to the story that we didn’t have in the premiere issue. It calls into question the entire series. Is this really a magical place of wonder that requires a death wish to enter? Or are we watching Boone fall into madness and all of these amazing events are the dying dreams of a man who has committed suicide? What is real? What is fake? Matt Kindt is walking a tight rope between the two.

The art remains a unique blend of cartoonish designs and surreal moments. Rubin is starting to get comfortable in this series.  You can see his style becoming more uniform as the pages fly by; which should thrill fans to no end because this gives the artist time to really cut loose.

Final Thoughts: Not knowing if this is real or a dream has me questioning everything that Kindt has shown me. As a reader he has me off-balance, but in a good way, a way that will keep me coming back until I get my answers.

Final Grade: 4 Stars

Ether #2
Story: Matt Kindt
Art/Letters: David Rubin
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Publication Date: December 21, 2016
Format: FC, 32 pages;
Price: $3.99


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