So it seems that no matter where we look, in the future cyborgs, robots and syntha-humans are going to be the bane of our lives.  Whether its “I, Robot”, “Westworld” or “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (aka Blade Runner)”, those pesky ‘bots with their A.I are pretty much out to get us!

John Ravane thought his battle was over when he executed the last nanotech enhanced super soldier. Ten years on however, the true ramifications of the Insurgence Program are revealed as sleeper agents across the country are activated.  Now, Ravane must stand between a Government he  doesn’t trust and the soldiers he used to hunt.

Written by F.J. DeSanoto and Todd Farmer, this first issue is pretty much a tale of two characters; the aforementioned Ravane and Eve Bauer-Greene who as the first sleeper to be activated, serves to bring us into her world of the unknown.  Ravane is holed up in a bar quietly not quite enjoying life, until his is blackmailed into his former role.  DeSanoto and Farmer work hard to give this oft used trope a new lease of life and to some extent they succeed, mainly by making Eve such a sympathetic character.  Sure, Ravane has problems which normally engender a level of interest in him, but to be fair so did Deckard in Blade Runner.  In addition, despite being retired, Ravane is used to the world; Eve is completely new to it and as such acts as the readers conduit.

With the book being set in the future, artist Federico Dallocchio has a sleek style that whilst not wholly cinematic certainly raised my eyebrows in its attempt.  Rather than draw comic characters, Dallocchio has tried to draw people giving them realistic poses, actions and reactions.  In addition, the camera angle of the panels is solely based on the characters in the centre of the frame.  Backgrounds are awash with colors that at times, gives the impression of environments without having to worry about the details and as such they do not detract from the characters.  I don’t normally mention letterers, but Travis Lanham does well with a futuristic font akin to 2000 A.D.

Despite the oft travelled road of technology running amok, this book from Vault Comics is off to an intriguing start.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art – 3 Stars
Colors – 3 Stars

(W) F. j. Desanto, Todd Farmer (A) Federico Dallocchio (CA) Jon Adams

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