Not sure if there is life on Mars but there is definitely life on Kirawan, a planet toxic to humans in every way imaginable, from the lack of oxygen to the acid rain and even the savage natives, and yet we colonize it… Why? Because it houses an untold wealth of the Galaxy’s newest and most rare element Imperium, an element that has the ability to shift between space-time.
The only child in the whole mining colony Kyle, along with his pet robodog Q pass the days disappointing his father no matter how hard he tries.

If all dogs go to heaven does that include a fully sentient robotic dog powered by a quantum computer? Let’s hope so as Kyle and Q are about to meet their makers (well Q already met his, Kyle’s uncle Jake) as an army of natives attack during a routine supply drop.

I have to admit I’m not a big sci-fi fan, between the Stars both trek and wars I have to say I’m a take or leave it kind of guy, that said this did hold my interest until the end and it even left me wanting more after the final panel, which in my book makes this a winner. The art is gorgeous but then it’s 451 media so I’ve come to expect this level of artwork, the variant cover is absolutely amazing, take a look

In just a single issue this book has made me care about Kyle and his well-being, I’ll definitely be back next issue and no doubt until the end, being a six issue mini series (something 451 does so well) I expect a neat, compact story with some great characters.

451 have released some of my favourite titles this year with the likes of NVRLND, Humbug and my absolute must read Self Storage.

Do yourself a favour and introduce yourself to 451 media, you won’t be disappointed.

This is a solid 4 star book, I’ve no doubt future issues will be a full 5 stars.

Red Dog #1
Written by Rob Cohen & Andi Ewington
Art by Robert Atkins
Published by 451 Media
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

In Shops: Nov 16, 2016 / SRP: $3.99

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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