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This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Xtreme Championship Tournament, XCT # 3 by Shaun Paulet and Brendan Halyday with art by Jerry & Penelope Gaylord.
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Traitor is in the name of the title, the mystery leads to the conclusion of.. who is the traitor? Spartacus the hero who freed his fellow slaves from a dreaded ruler, Ragnar the Viking King or Baykok the devourer of souls?.. well its best to read it and find out!

XCT has hit its climax in the ratings and it is due to Spartacus and the success he’s having in the tournament, the tyrant of Keenantech Oscar Keenan has different ideas about the future of XCT and in particular Spartacus.. When Baykok is Unleashed!! Screenshot_2016-02-18-20-38-08-1

You still get the wonderful art by the Gaylords.. the bright colors as well as the edginess you’d expect from a graphically violent comic. Their design of Baykok looks more awesome on each panel and I am looking forward to seeing more of the Viking King Ragnar. Paulet & Halyday have found their niche in the writing in this book, you begin to see their characters that they have more.. character. There is not as much action in this book compared to the previous issues of XCT and that’s where the readers are invited into the minds of each character which makes it more enjoyable. This is the first XCT book that does not conclude in one book which means you need to pick up the next issue.

This book is very subtle in its reveal of who is the traitor, it left me wondering who it can be. I had to flick back a few pages. Until the last page and then.. snap!

Now we know the synopsis and now we as readers will get to see more story of XCT, if you cats based in the States – you have no idea of what you’re missing. Go to now!

Do ya’self and check it out!

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