Advanced Review: Zipper – Cosmic Jungle – Part 1 of 3

Writer Erik Hendrix is putting his fingerprint on another Gene Simmons created character with the first of three issues in the new Zipper: Cosmic Jungle story. Working with artist Alex Aguilar and colorist Chandran Ponnusamy, the creative team keeping alive not only this other worldly hero, but also are working together on the Dominiatrix series, also created by the King of the Nighttime World himself.

This first issue gives a brief history of the origin of Zipper and how he came to be. He hails from the planet Ethera, which values order much more than thought, creativity, and imagination. Once he questioned the old ones, revolution was at hand and anyone who was exposed to his ideas was forced to be reconditioned. Denzen Xeng Ral, as he was known at the time, was defiant, and escaped Ethera, only now to return in an attempt to bring freedom to the oppressed people of his home world.

Aguilar and Ponnusamy have created a visual feast to be cherished. This is a beautiful book that brings the Hendrix penned story to life. Crisp artwork and brilliant color pop off the page as readers follow the action that is presented at a breakneck pace. Looking over the book for the fourth time, I’m in awe of the quality of the artwork we’re presented with. Very professional.

I was reminded of the epic song by Rush, 2112, as I turned the pages of this story. One person, standing up to an oppressive collective who did not allow its citizens to question authority. I would be very interested to see if others read the story and draw the same conclusion that I did. (Comments Please!!!)
Overall, I really liked Zipper. This is another character, who has been around for a while, that I was not yet familiar with. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to look over a couple of these books being offered by Arcana Studio. This feels like the beginning of something big for Arcana and Zipper alike, and I hope we see more series from the two in the very near future.

WRITER: Erik Hendrix
ARTIST: Alex Aguilar
PUBLISHER: Arcana Studio

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