Advent Comics Unites Indie Creators In UNBOUND REALMS


It was a profound love for comics that prompted the start of Advent Comics.  But anyone who has gotten into the industry (outside of working for one of the big companies) knows that this is a very challenging task and there are no guarantees of success.  But with crowdfunders like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help to raise funds, more projects than ever are being created.  But what happens after that?

Indie Creators have wondered that very same thing – once the book is made, what comes next.  Unfortunately, this step is sometimes harder than creating your comic.  Indie Creators have wrestled with just getting their books noticed (not to mention distributed) for years now.  A lot of great Indie projects have come out that people may have missed out on seeing due to the lack of exposure that our Indie Comics receive.  But as comics fans, we at Advent Comics have wanted to help on this front and thought what if anything could we possibly do.  How could we do something to (a) get the word out and (b) help out the projects that need to be given a much greater look by consumers?

The idea that came to mind is called UNBOUND REALMS.  Basically, Advent Comics will be offering other indie creators and publishers access to Advent Comics’ distribution network in a creator-owned imprint.  This imprint should not only help bring worthy creations to life but also shine a light on some of these projects and publishers by getting them out to the masses.  First (and most importantly), this is CREATOR-OWNED!!!  The creators of the books will retain all rights – the only purpose of this imprint is to bring their stuff to the masses.  Advent Comics is not interested in acquiring these book or characters (but with that said you may see a crossover with Advent Comics characters though).


There are four initial titles that have been selected for the UNBOUND REALMS Imprint:

  1. Marcello Bondi’s SNAPSHOT – An Anthology Series from Italy featuring some of the most talented comics creators in the country.
  2. Michael Mettlen’s KANE – The story of a master thief and assassin who embarks on a search for vengeance which will lead him on a creepy, supernatural journey.
  3. Christopher Swartzlander’s TRIPPING OVER REALITY: THE DEATH & ORIGIN OF A HERO – An excellent and unique novel about the making of a superhero.
  4. Jim Hachey’s SUPERNATURAL AGENTS – Featuring the Dawn of A New Age of Superheroes.

These UNBOUND REALMS titles will kick off on six continents and in close to 40 countries in January 2017.  Preorders have begun for these titles on the Advent website –

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