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CY95evGWwAAsmbvComic Crusaders (CC), is a growing online comics magazine. Building relationships with publishers both big and small we are beginning to draw a loyal audience of readers.

By advertising through Comic Crusaders you can get your message out to this desirable audience in a variety of ways. Sponsorship, display advertising, and more advertising opportunities are available at Comic Crusaders.


The CC Web site brand provides a powerful and credible environment for your advertising message. Advertisers will find exciting advertising opportunities at Comic Crusaders for reaching our growing high-quality unique visitors each month. From banner rotations to sponsorship, our integrated online packages offer advertisers high impact opportunities to reach the audience of their choice. For more information send emails to  [email protected]


CC offers a variety of advertising opportunities, from straight impression buys, to multi-month sponsorships, static button ads, re-skins, etc..

We also offer a special discount to self-published and independent comics publishers.  Drop an e-mail for more information.


If you have questions regarding advertising at CC, or would like to place an order, you may contact CC in the following manner:

E-Mail Contact CC at [email protected]  When contacting us please indicate what sort of advertising you’re looking for and what sort of budgetary range you are considering. How long would you like to advertise for? If you’re not sure, that’s fine, too! And let us know what sort of product or service you’re looking to advertise. We’ll help guide you through the myriad advertising opportunities on CC.

Real World:
Contact: Al Mega
Phone: 201-204-9216

Comic Crusaders
Blackstone, MA, 01504

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Checks or PayPal. New customer must make payment arrangements in full and up front, no exceptions. Sponsorship and long term clients can be billed monthly, once credit has been established.

**Comic Crusaders Mascot designed by Ken Lipson**

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