Album Review: METZ – Strange Peace

The best music jumps out of a dark alley and punches you in the face. The sneak attack gets your attention and reminds you what it feels like to be alive. This is exactly what happened when I discovered the new album Strange Peace by METZ. (Sub Pop Records) It’s eleven tracks of unrelenting, driving vocals and industrial strength guitar noise that made me stand up and shout “Hell Yeah!”.

This third full length offering from the Toronto Canada based trio opens with the driving, unrelenting beat of Mess Of Wires. This attention-grabbing track sets the tone for the rest of the album as they mold the sounds of early 90’s punk, grunge, industrial, and garage rock into their own special brand of chaos. Each cut on the album exposes different influences that help the band draw from multiple influences.

The most accessible song on the album comes in the form of the third track Cellophane. It’s deeper tones late 60’s garage rock feel, along with distorted poppy hooks would have been radio gold in the heyday of the grunge era.

The album simply feels important. It comes across to me as a soundtrack for the upcoming nuclear winter. The primal, driving force of the overall work can also amaze you with its stripped down harmonic tones. There is beauty in this noise.

Those who say rock is dead, or at least no longer important, are lazy. Plenty of fresh young bands are working hard today to make a name for themselves. Corporate radio may not be spoon feeding you good music at the moment, but if you open your ears, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Release Date: September 22, 2017

Track Listing:
1. Mess Of Wires
2. Drained Lake
3. Cellophane
4. Caterpillar
5. Lost in the Bland City
6. Mr. Plague
7. Sink
8. Common Trash
9. Escalator Teeth
10. Dig a Hole
11. Raw Materials


Support your local record store, and METZ by picking up this album, or buy it here on the Sub Pop Mega Mart. Look out for tour dates here.

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