Announcing One Troll Army

One Troll Army is a live multiplayer game. Where you play against the Twitch Chat.
  • When streaming One Troll Army, the chat controls individual units that come in waves
  • As an in-chat player, you can assign commands to your unit and even customize him
  • If the chat wins, they get points that they can spend on upgrading their units. If the Troll/player wins a round, he spends points on upgrading his character and the fort

Enemy02 FortL01 Forts01 Girl02 One Troll Army Attack Gif Ork01_L01 PremiumArmor rec59 rec60 rec61 rec62 Screen03 Screen13 Screen17 Troll02 Troll04 TrollEmblem01 TrollPoster02 TrollTotem01

Check out the trailer below:

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