Texas Latino Comic Con, July 29th, 2017!

Our stories matter. The first ever Texas Latino Comic Con is coming to Dallas Texas July 29th. In collaboration with the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, this comic convention is a first of its kind in Texas highlighting Latino artists, writers and creators in the comic book community. The convention will feature local artistic talent, a Latino character centered cosplay contest, and special guests. The event will be free for the public. In conjunction with Dusk and Rio Bravo Comics we are excited announce Texas Latino Comic Con. Our stories matter!

One of our first guest announcements is the creator of El Peso Hero, Hector Rodriguez. El Peso Hero has been one the most internationally talked about Latino superhero in decades. With modern social issues such immigration, human trafficking and institutional corruption, El Peso Hero has garnered attention and praise from the Latino community and been featured on Univision, CNN, Telemundo, Fusion, CW, La Reforma, PRI The World and countless of other media sites worldwide. It has even won the prestigious Emmy Award for best news story by Univision news anchor Angel Pedrero and has won an award by the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for most innovative book. Among the appeal of the comic book is that El Peso Hero speaks only Spanish. All of the other characters in the comic book speak English. It is important to portray rich diversity.

The other guest announcement is Eliamaria M. Crawford, originally of San Angelo, Texas. Starting at a very young age Elia always had a passion. First in high school started drawing stick figure doodles as her primary go- and eventually started, what-was, her Elia in a Box Webcomic then. She also had the privilege of drawing comics for her high school newspaper, the Campus Corral. Then in college she drew comics for the university newspaper, The Shorthorn, and started doing custom & freelance work. That is when Elia in a Box Comics, the brand, took off and she started doing cool projects from custom wedding graphics, to convention poster art, and even contributing comics to many zines and projects. From college she eventually did the hit book “Humans Really Irritate Me,” a collection of quotes of UTA’s Dr Allan Saxe, drawn in Elia’s unique style.

Special Guest Announcement!

It is our great honor to announce Hector Cantú. Hector Cantú is the award-winning co-creator/writer of Baldo! Baldo is America’s favorite nationally syndicated newspaper comic strip familia. http://hectorcantu.com/

1)Sam De la Rosa
2)Hector Cantu
3)Fabian Rangel Jr.
4)Ho-Seh Esquivel
5)Jose Ramirez
6)Eddie Medina
7)David Olivarez
8)Christopher Juarez
9)Ray and Daniel Campos
10)Richard Dominguez
11)Nicole Varela
12)Chris Demori
13)Jerry Gonzales
14)Stephanie Longoria
15) Gonzalo Alvarez
16) Francisco Salinas
17) Jose Garcia
18)Eliamaria M. Crawford
19) Vicko Alvarez Vega

Sponsorship  Opportunities 

0 Tier Sponsorship 50$ – A special badge printed for sponsors (and will only be done for the first year). Also name list with other 0 Tier sponsors and on a poster displayed at convention.

1st Tier Sponsorship 100$ – This will get you mention in various social media, PR, and web based.

2nd Tier Sponsorship 250$ – Mention in all items on 1st tier and also mention in print items at the show like programs, signage, and the like (does not include badges or lanyards)

Special Sponsorship

Lanyard Sponsorship – Cost of Lanyards Includes name and logo on Lanyard

Badge Sponsorship – Cost of Badges Includes name and logo on Badges

Banner Sponsorship – Cost of Banner

Includes Tier 1 and 2 as well as company name/logo on Banners for event.

Guest Sponsorship – Cost of Guest (Honorarium, Flight/Mileage, Hotel)

Includes Tier 1 and 2 as well as have company name/logo involved with all signage and promotion of guest. Also, involved with other promotional opportunities with guest and dinner after TLCC (guest’s discretion).

For more information on Texas Latino Comic Con, please visit the official website at visit http://www.riobravocomics.com. Media Inquiries please email [email protected] or call 940-206-4587.

Dusk Comics is an independent publisher that hails from Denton, Texas, and specializes in producing sophisticated and provocative comic books from various creators. They are a collective of mad comic book geniuses -­‐ artists and writers alike. Each comic book created finds its own niche in the ever-­‐evolving market.





Rio Bravo Comics is a privately owned publishing company dedicated to providing rich diverse entertainment including several projects ranging from comic books to film. Owned and operated by what is known as the “Rio Bravo Team,” the company has spent years of hard work and determination in order to create an innovative and culturally unique universe for readers and viewers to enjoy.That being said; we here at Rio Bravo Comics stand behind our titles 100% and look forward to creating a product that you can not only enjoy, but can also be passed down for generations.

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