Arcana Studio is on the move this month with films, kickstarters, podcasts, and interviews!

 Arcana Studio has had a busy month! Read on below to see what they’ve been up to!

Cinedigm Says All Aboard To THE STEAM ENGINES OF OZ – It was announced on November 3 that Cinedigm has acquired the North American distribution rights for The Steam Engines of Oz, an animated film completing development based on the Arcana Studio series written by Erik Hendrix and Sean Patrick O’Reilly with art by Yannis Roumboulias. “Cinedigm powers custom content solutions to the world’s largest retail, media and technology companies,” providing content to streaming and cable providers, as well as major retailers. The film is expecting to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

Arcana’s Mark Poulton KickStarting SQUIRT, a Hero Teen Comedy this month – Earlier this month, Mark Poulton, known for his work on DC’s Savage Hawkman, Image’s Avengelyne, and Arcana’s Cat Named Haiku, Pizza Tree, and others, launched a KickStarter, inviting people to check out SQUIRT, where the smallest kid in school ends up with powers. Mark says, “It’s Power Rangers meets Drake & Josh!” and “is a blend of Manga, Super Sentai goodness and comical misadventures with an anti-bullying message.” What more do you need? You can check out the KickStarter by clicking the link below and pledge if you’d like!
Arcana’s Erik Hendrix Interviewed for Antix Press’ PORTRAIT OF AN EDITOR Series – Antix Press recently interviewed Arcana Studio’s Erik Hendrix in their Portrait of an Editor series, where they “sit down” with an editor and shine “a spotlight on all different kinds of comic book editors from around the world. The podcast digs into editors’ origin stories, how their mentors shaped them, and their tricks of the trade.” You can read about the interview and listen to it here, where they discuss breaking into the industry, what editors look for in comics, working with talent (including celebrities), common pitfalls for writers, project management, writers editing their own work, and a lot of other subjects.
Arcana’s Mark Poulton Interviewed by EVERYONE on AMA Feed’s ASK ME ANYTHING – Recently, Mark Poulton took some time to answer questions about his current and past work on AMA Feed’s ASK ME ANYTHING, where people can post questions, and the subjects of the interview answer those questions. In this case, Mark, a veteran of twelve years in the comic book industry, had questions about his body of work, inspirations, history, etc. You can read the results on the link.
PRE-ORDERS FOR NOVEMBER 2017 – Also this month, of course, we have some new books available for Pre-Order in Diamond Previews… Be sure to check those out, everyone, and rush to your local comic shops! Tell stores to carry Arcana!

All of these releases are available for pre-order NOW and will be released in January, 2018.

LOS VALIANTS Vol 0 – Of Los Valiants, filmmaker and overall creative genius Guillermo del Toro says, “Edgar’s universe has always combined the best of his experience and love for comics from all over the world with his own brand of humor and creativity. Cool comic from a lovable storyteller.”
Regular collaborator, Humerto Ramos (Champions, Superior Spider-Man), says, “from the genius of Edgar Delgado, the UltraDuck universe grows bigger and better. It is the age of heroes, time to stand up for something, time to fight back and be VALIANT.”
LOS VALIANTS Vol 0 (NOV171229) brings us back to the world of UltraDuck. This time around, we have a collection of seven short stories, all written by Edgar Delgado (UltraDuck, Superior Spider-Man, Darth Vader), and featuring UltraDuck and his fellow heroes from Canis Hill. They are Los Valiants! If you missed UltraDuck the first time around, this is a great jumping on point, and expect more from this great series.
WRITER: Edgar Delgado

ARTISTS: Various
COVER ARTIST: Edgar Delgado

DOMINATRIX: HELLBENT IN HEELS ISSUE 2 – Let’s start our foray into the mind of Gene “The Demon” Simmons by checking out Dominatrix Issue 2! Of Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels, people are definitely talking! “Dominatrix has sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll and everything you would expect in a Gene Simmons book! It is hotter than hell!” – Mike Deodato (Marvel’s Old Man Logan & Astonishing X-Men).

World Comic Book Review says Dominatrix’s “characters crackle with personality, ranging from sassy to slightly creepy, and the dialogue is polished,” and, “it takes skill and courage to write a story about a dominatrix which is more than mere titillation for a male audience, and Mr Hendrix… demonstrates his trade craft… with skill and nuance.” says, “The talent of writer Erik Hendrix is evident. The story moves at a good, fast pace and never lost my interest… There has truly been some very good character development and quite a bit of time building the world we’re reading about.”

In Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels Issue 2, Dom is trapped on an island with the rich and powerful, each with their own reasons for buying illegal and “exotic” weapons. What can go wrong? Assassinations, narcissistic escorts, brawls, gunfights, and living weapons for starters! As trouble escalates, we learn the mysterious origin of some powerful new friends. But, can Dom save them before they hit the auction block and are unleashed on an unsuspecting world? Be prepared; you won’t see the end coming!

WRITER: Erik Hendrix (The Steam Engines of Oz, Deadly Harvest, Evil Tree)
ARTIST: Kewber Baal


In its first release since appearing in Anthology format, we have the COLLECTED Zipper vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade, also written by Erik Hendrix, with art by Yannis Roumboulias and Casey Maloney, with an amazing cover by Jim Balent.

Zipper and Dominatrix, two creations straight out of the mind of Gene Simmons, get wrapped in a world of sex slaves and conspiracy. Can the alien and the T&A agent work together long enough to save innocent lives?

WRITER: Erik Hendrix (The Steam Engines of Oz, Deadly Harvest, Evil Tree)
ARTIST: Yannis Roumboulias (Deadly Harvest, The Steam Engines of Oz), Casey Maloney (Zipper)
COVER ARTIST: Jim Balent (Catwoman, Tarotm Razor) 


Also available for Pre-Order this month is the first volume of Zipper, available for the first time through Arcana Studio. Written by Tom Waltz (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) with art by Casey Maloney, this is a must read for any who find themselves enjoying the current adventures of Gene Simmons’ Zipper.

WRITER: Tom Waltz
ARTIST: Casey Maloney

DESCRIPTION: On Etheria, deep in the Nether Ether, where free will is considered a crime punishable by death, Denizen Xeng Ral escapes to Earth, seeking autonomy. What he finds are dangers he never thought possible. Joined by the unlikeliest of allies and pursued by dangerous and deadly foes from this world and his own, Xeng Ral battles across hard urban landscapes struggling for what he desires most – freedom.

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