Armor Hunters Harbinger 1 Review

STORY BY Joshua Dysart

ART BY Robert Gill

COVER BY Lewis LarosaClayton CrainTrevor Hairsine

PUBLISHER Valiant Entertainment



                Harbinger continues its great run with this next installment tying directly into the current armor wars crossover within the Valiant universe.

This issue sees Generation Zero become unlikely heroes with the help of Zephyr and Torque after the devastating attack on New Mexico by the hunters sentient ship GIN-GR. Dysart knocks this issue out of the park as he has done throughout his run on

Harbinger, the quiet reflective character moments really shine through in this action like issue particularly with the inner monologue of Generation Zero’s leader Cronus. He is forced into this role as leader of these children and you can see it is taken its toll as he is becoming to resent the situation he finds himself in and merely wants him and his companions to be free. It’s in these moments that Harbinger truly shines, yes the psiot smack downs are immense amounts of fun take for example the fight between Peter and Harada in issue 5 but, it is these character moments that you keep coming back for, this is a great cast of characters that been cultivated and I cannot sing this books praises enough.

It also doesn’t feel like a tacked on tie in to the current crossover, this story is weaved into the current issues the cast of Harbinger are facing allowing the plot to move forward whilst also seeing the state of the Valiant Universe as a whole during the catastrophic situation every character finds themselves fighting against currently.

The art as always in this book is superb, all the characters are highly expressive and whilst it goes for a realistic tone nothing feels of place. You can see the pain and anguish on characters faces and get a real sense for the level of destruction wrought in this issue. Gill works with Dysart so well and it always nice to see a writer and artist working in near perfect unison as they are on this book. The strongest moments again are in the quiet character moments however, the artists hit their beats throughout this book from cover to cover.

Harbinger is a book anyone who is fan of superhero comics must read. It has the feeling on the Claremont era of X-Men about it, taking risks and delivering with each and every issue building a solid cast of characters that do more than simply have superhero smack downs


By Matt Deery

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