Where Has the Art Gone?

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but there has been (in my opinion) a lack of awesome art in comics lately. Now I know what you’re thinking “Is this guy an idiot?! It’s a damn comic book, it’s full of art!”. My answer would be it’s not…it’s full of content where the artists did the bare minimum to in doing their jobs. Allow me to elaborate:

I remember when comic books use to wow me! The shading and lighting, the perspective and angles, colors and tones, and then most of all…there was a double page spread! Two pages of one scene…a panorama view of some big scene that shows a vast landscape, action scene, or whatever. But it was always beautifully done with such an immaculate show of detail, technique and execution.

Nowadays, comics are page by page, barely shaded (and you’re lucky if there’s lighting or highlights), some scenes look better than others (mostly because it’s a close-up), and absolutely no double page spreads. I feel like artists are just doing their jobs, going page by page, filling in lines and that’s about it.

This is a message to the artists out there: Please stop rushing your projects! You’re unique art style is not enough to pull together a whole book, however your creativity is! Push the limits, challenge yourself, collaborate with the writer and everyone else on the project. Give your audience more! You’ll keep your audience longer and attract more people to your work if you go above and beyond, not just doing what’s in your comfort zone!

Be this kid!


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